Obtaining a General Trading License in Sharjah

The Business Landscape in Sharjah and the UAE

Among the UAE’s significant emirates, Sharjah is an excellent location for businesses seeking a general trading license. This legal permit allows companies to conduct various business activities in Sharjah and the UAE.

Obtaining a General Trading License in Sharjah

Why Choose Sharjah for Business?

Why Choose Sharjah for Business?

Benefits of Setting Up in Sharjah

  • Visas and Business Activities: A general trading license in Dubai offers flexibility without limitations on visas or business activities, enabling versatile operations.
  • Financial Transactions: Businesses benefit from efficient financial transactions, which are crucial for trade activities.
  • Resource Allocation: Emphasizes focusing on business operations rather than extensive audit preparations.
  • Access to Markets: Sharjah provides access to diverse markets, especially expatriate residents with disposable income, facilitating business growth.
  • Startup-Friendly Policies: General trading license fees in Sharjah are favorable due to policies accommodating new businesses without stringent capital requirements.

Types of Trading Licenses in Sharjah

Variety of Licenses Available

  • Industrial License: Suitable for manufacturing and industrial operations within Sharjah.
  • Commercial License: Ideal for trading, importing, exporting, and selling goods within the emirate.
  • Professional License: Tailored for service-oriented businesses, including accounting and consulting services.

Cost Factors for Obtaining a Trading License

Understanding the Costs

  • Average Costs: General trading license costs in Dubai typically range from AED 5000 to AED 30000, subject to variables.
  • Influencing Factors: Costs depend on business activities, legal structure, and specific requirements.

Steps to Attain a Trading License in Sharjah

Detailed Process Breakdown

  1. Define Business Activities: Prioritize up to 10 activities for the general trading license in Dubai, chosen from the available list.
  2. Select Legal Structure: Choose from partnership, LLC, or sole proprietorship, aligning with business objectives.
  3. Choosing a Business Name: Pick a unique and memorable name not registered by any other entity in the UAE.
  4. Obtaining Initial Approval: Secure initial approval from the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) via online portals or in person.
  5. Securing Office Space: Obtain physical space for business operations, whether in the free zone or mainland in Sharjah, with necessary approvals.
  6. Preparing Documentation: Gather essential documents, including land ownership certificates, trade name certificates, and permissions from relevant authorities.
  7. Submitting Application: Submit all compiled documents and the general trading license application to the appropriate government department.
  8. Fee Settlement: Settle prescribed fees based on business activity and legal form.
  9. Receiving the License: Upon approval, obtain the trading license, potentially revising information before final issuance.

How Effective Desk Can Assist

Professional Guidance and Support

Effective Desk offers specialized assistance for navigating the complexities of setting up a business in Sharjah:

  • Consultation Services: Schedule a consultation via phone, WhatsApp, or email for guidance on general trading license activities.
  • Comprehensive Support: The team provides valuable advice throughout the process, ensuring a smooth setup.

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