How to Obtain a Technical Services License in Dubai, UAE

Establishing the proper business framework is pivotal for a company’s smooth operations. Entrepreneurs can opt for professional services tailored to their business activities, such as marketing, industrial, or commercial licenses, catering to specific industry niches.

One such crucial license in Dubai is the technical service license. This commercial license encompasses specific business activities and is instrumental for various enterprises.

Types of Activities Covered by a Technical Service License

Under the umbrella of technical services, many business activities fall into place. Entrepreneurs can select from diverse activities that align with their business requirements. 

How to Obtain a Technical Services License in Dubai, UAE

Some of these activities include:

  • Plumbing and Sanitary contracting
  • Electrochemical Equipment Installation
  • Painting, Contracting, and Apparatus Installation
  • Insulation contracting and electricity transmission
  • Floor and wall tiling works
  • Building cleaning services
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Carpentry and floor contracting
  • Engraving and ornamentation work
  • Air Filtration system installation and maintenance
  • Satellite Equipment installation and maintenance
  • Electrical fittings
  • Partition and Ceiling Contracting

Benefits of a Technical Service License in Dubai’s Mainland and Free Zones

Obtaining a technical service license in Dubai offers various advantages, depending on whether it’s acquired in the mainland or free zones:

Mainland Benefits:

  • Exemption from personal or corporate taxes
  • Ability to provide services to companies across the UAE
  • Eligibility to apply for government projects
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • No currency restrictions on business activities
  • No limit on work visa applications
  • Option to lease office space in Dubai
  • 100% repatriation of profits and income
  • Simplified business setup process
  • No mandatory audit report

Free Zone Benefits:

  • Cost-effective license options for diverse industries
  • Quick and easy business incorporation
  • Additional financial incentives like 100% tax exemption and zero currency restrictions

Steps to Obtain a Technical Service License in Dubai, UAE

Acquiring a technical service license in Dubai involves several steps that can be facilitated by experts like those at Effective Desk Business Setup Services:

  1. Choosing Between Mainland & Free Zone License:
  2. Decide based on your business’s nature, considering each location’s benefits.
  3. Selecting the Company Name:
  4. Follow UAE’s naming guidelines to ensure approval from relevant government authorities.
  5. License Application and Documentation:
  6. Submit the application to the Department of Economic Development for mainland licenses or respective free zones for free zone licenses, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  7. Required Documents for Technical License:
  • Passport-size photographs against a white background
  • Visa page entry stamp
  • Passport copies of shareholders

Technical Services License Cost in Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s technical services license cost varies across emirates like Ajman and Dubai. The price depends on company size, business activity, location choice, and additional charges for services like DED approval, license registration, municipal sponsor fees, and office space. In Dubai Mainland, the license cost typically starts at AED 19,000.

Bottom Line

Establishing technical services in Dubai presents lucrative opportunities, especially considering the government’s initiatives to revitalize the economy. Effective Desk Business Setup Services in seamless company formation, free zone selection, and hassle-free business setup in Dubai, ensuring a smooth launch and operation of your venture in the UAE.

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