Ajman Free Zone is one of the oldest and most well-known free zones in the UAE. It’s located within the Emirate of Ajman, approximately 40 minutes from Dubai.

This area is adjacent to a seaport and is open to any business, beginning with freelancers and to trade and manufacturing companies that are light in their operations.

In contrast to business setup in Dubai, Ajman Free Zone business setup is appealing to those who are starting the business from scratch because of its low-cost fees for entrepreneurs who are just beginning and the numerous installment payment options.


Ajman Free Zone Authority always includes the following facilities in its list:

  • Flexi-desks are available for purchase without a limit on time per month
  • Offices
  • Warehouses

Flexible desks and offices are situated in the headquarters of the free zone as well as in separate buildings nearby.

The warehouses complex has seen a significant increase and now covers the entire region around Ajman Sea Port.

The customs and Immigration office is located across the street from the Ajman Free Zone.


Industry categories classify the activities in the free zone:

  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverages
  • Construction
  • Media
  • Oil & Gas
  • Health & Beauty
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Jewelry
  • Textile
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Chemical Industry
  • Advanced Technology
  • Trade
  • Sports

Ajman Free Zone offers the following types of licenses:

The category of Freelancer permits was launched by AFZA in 2019, and permits obtaining a license as well as a three-year visa at the most affordable cost. The support is compatible with the following categories of activities:

  • Marketing Research Consultancies
  • IT Consultancy
  • Educational Consulting
  • Interior Design Engineering Consultancy
  • Media Consultancy and Studies
  • Beauty and Personal Care for the Woman

This Offshore license is designed for businesses operating in different countries from the place of incorporation. It covers activities like property ownership, investments, consulting and advisory services, shipping, individual property, and more.

AFZA permits the use of either one service or three trading activities within the license. Certain packages allow additional actions to be available at a cost of AED 1,500.

Ajman Free Zone Business Setup Cost

AFZA provides the typical companies that form a free zone:

  • FZE (Free Zone Establishment)
  • FZC (Free Zone Company)
  • Local branch of a foreign company

Business establishments in Ajman begin at the low of 5,900 AED for a license. The cost of other packages is contingent on visa allocations and business activity. The most affordable price is 13,500 AED to obtain commercial permission under the Business Center Co-Working Package, which is eligible for two visas.

The lowest cost for business setup in Ajman per permit (AED):

Type of license cost, AED

Freelancers package – 6,000

Business Center Package that includes Commercial License – 13,500

Business Center Package including Service license – 16,000

If you’re planning to apply for resident visas through the company, you will be charged additional costs for Immigration may be incurred:

  • E-channel deposit – 1,000 AED
  • E-channel registration fee – 2,350 AED
  • Visa Medical checkup, Visa Emirates ID – 3,550 AED
  • The renewal fee for E-channel 1250 AED

You can also join your company’s shareholders by paying AED 600 per shareholder. AED each.

Several payment options are available

AFZA is one of the few free zones in UAE that offers a variety of installment payment options. You can make payments to the company in 3 or six installments.

There are specific conditions that have been set by the Ajman Free Zone Authority to be adhered to. One of the most important is that the payment must be made via post-dated checks from a UAE bank. If you apply for three installments to obtain an Ajman Free Zone license, you could pay the first installment in cash and then provide the rest of the payments with two checks on the day of the application to join the company.

If you’re from a different country, Of course, there won’t be any checks from a UAE bank. In this situation, you could use the reviews from a friend or family member, for instance. However, AFZA will ask the person to sign a”no objection” letter allowing the use of his checkbook. In addition, you will need to submit your bank statement from the past three months to prove the amount of money.


Ajman Company formation can be completed in just one working day.

These documents, as well as details, are required

  • Copy of Passport
  • Sized for passports
  • Address, telephone number, and E-mail address
  • Company name
  • Business activities
  • The business plan

It is possible to hire business setup experts in Dubai to assist you with your Ajman Free Zone company registration. It is possible to do this without a visit to the zone that is free.

Once the company has been established, you’ll be given the following corporate documents:

  • License
  • Chamber of Commerce registration certificate
  • Lease agreement
  • Memorandum (for companies that have multiple partners)

These documents will allow applicants to open a company Bank account in Dubai.

UAE Residency VISAS

The process of obtaining a resident visa through the free zone of your company is almost identical to the procedure for all free zones:

  1. Business registration one day
  2. Establishment card (immigration card) – 10 days
  3. Entry visa – 5 days
  4. Checkup for medical conditions, Emirates ID, and visa stamping for five days
  5. Emirates ID 7 days after the date of stamping your visa

If you’ve processed your residency visa while within the UAE as a tourist, you’ll need to alter your status from resident to tourist when the entry visa has been issued.

Ajman visas cost 3,500 AED, which includes medical checkups as well as Emirates ID. The process can be completed only in the Emirate Ajman.


The cost for renewal of the company will be the same as registration costs.

Renewals can be made without the need for a personal visit by the owner. When you renew, you’ll be notified of:

  • New license
  • Renewed lease agreement
  • Renew Chamber of Commerce certificate

The audit report is not mandatory.


Changes are usually made personally by the company’s owners. However, it is possible to allow their representative to do so.

AFZA charges very reasonable rates to amend any documents, which range from approximately 499 AED to 1999 AED.


The closure of a company within AFZA is also very affordable and simple to complete. It is necessary to obtain the following clearances before you can start:

  • From the institution where closes the account
  • The facility is located at the Ajman Maintenance Department, where you have rented a space.

Also, you must end all resident visas within the business prior to expiration.

The liquidation process can be completed by the company’s owner or representative who holds the Power of Attorney. The original company documents need to be returned in the form of a check to Ajman Free Zone. If they are lost, you must take them to the Police and obtain reports on the loss.

Liquidation can take up to one month. After that, you will receive a formal deregistration notice.

If the company makes any deposits, you’ll be refunded once the liquidation has been completed.


Ajman Free Zone can be ideal for all businesses, and there’s no reason not to recommend it.

It’s an ideal platform for startups with small budgets because of the low fees for incorporation.

Larger enterprises will benefit from the facilities as well as the proximity between Dubai Sharjah and Dubai. Sharjah.

If you’re considering alternatives, keep an eye out for the Masdar City Free Zone or Twofour54 Abu Dhabi (Media Free Zone Authority) in Abu Dhabi.

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