Trademark Registration For Global Enterprises In UAE

In today’s expansive global market, safeguarding your brand’s identity is paramount, especially when entering new territories. The trademark registration process is critical for protecting your brand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including specific locations like Dubai and Sharjah. Understanding the nuances of trademark registration in the UAE and the associated costs is crucial for businesses aiming to establish themselves securely in this market.

Trademark Registration For Global Enterprises In UAE

Trademark Registration in the UAE

For trademarks registered within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), certain fees must be considered. The fees are for the application process and the ongoing maintenance of the registered trademark. Business owners, professionals, Intellectual property lawyers, and owners of brands must be aware of the cost of applying for trademark registrations within the UAE.

Per the UAE Trademark Law, registering trademarks starts by determining if the mark being registered is suitable for national recognition using Trademark Search. It is usually verified through a thorough and systematic trademark scan. The trademark application will be sent to the Department of Trademarks and Industry in the Ministry of Economics. After the trademark application is approved, the approval decision will be issued. The validity of the trademark is ten years. It is extended for an additional ten years after the renewal of your trademark.

What is the best way to register trademarks in the UAE?

Names are trademarkable items, such as words, signatures, titles, letters, figures, characters, seals, posters, engravings, paintings, or any label that differentiates a brand.

According to Article 3 of Federal Law No. 37 of 1992, geographical names, banknotes, the details of honorary degrees, and marks that might mislead the public or disrupt public order are not trademarkable.

Although registration of trademarks in UAE is not a requirement, it can assist you in obtaining exclusivity rights and profit from the trademark registered. It will also shield the name from being allegedly infringed and grant you the right to pursue legal actions in the event of an infraction.

What can’t become a trademark in the UAE?

If you are filing trademarks in the UAE, there are some things to remember. If you are planning to register a trademark in the United Arab Emirates, it should not contain all of the following

  • Public morals and religious beliefs.
  • The public is aware of symbols.
  • Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols, for instance.
  • Names and titles of third-party parties.
  • Other well-known trademarks are translated directly.

Other restrictions on the items you are allowed to include in your trademark may be in place and discussed with the authorities in charge and your lawyer for trademarks.

Who is eligible to be eligible to apply for Trademark Registration

A person or company that wants to differentiate their products or services with trademarks should apply for trademark registration in the UAE and other jurisdictions where they wish their products or services to be secured.

However, not all employees in the UAE can obtain trademark registration or even apply to register trademarks. The following individuals can apply for trademark registration according to Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks:

  1. The residents in the United Arab Emirates, as in artificial and natural people, are involved in any business, technological, technical, or service industry.
  2. Foreigners and artificial and natural persons who work in any technological, economic, or technical sector.
  3. Foreigners are also artificial and natural persons engaged in any technological, economic, or service sector in another country by reciprocity.
  4. Other artificial people.

Trademark rights are granted in the United Arab Emirates under the Trademark Law. The law has been in force since 1992 and was changed in 2002.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in UAE

You must have these documents on hand before beginning the trademark registration process.

  • The Power of Attorney Choosing us to take action and act in your name.
  • Sample of Trademark Design
  • Copy of the Applicant(s) ‘ passport.
  • Contact Details of the Applicant(s).
  • A copy of the Trade License for Corporate Applications.
  • Artwork of the Brand Name or Logo.
  • A list of Goods and Services to be secured.
  • Priority Document

Trademark Registration Process in UAE

The process of registering trademarks in the UAE appears simple and simple on the surface, but once it’s done, it could become too complex. A single error while applying for a trademark could cause the trademark to be rejected. The maximum time to register for a trademark is six months.

Easy ways to apply for registering a trademark in the UAE

Trademark Search

  1. Before beginning an application for registration, it’s crucial to conduct an extensive trademark search to confirm that the proposed trademark still needs to be registered or conflicts with trademarks already registered. It will help avoid possible legal issues later on.

Preparing the Application

  1. After completing the trademark search, the next step will be to write a trademark application. The application must contain all required information, including the applicant’s details, a clearly outlined description of the trademark, and an inventory of the goods or services that fall under the trademark.
  2. First, download the application form and complete it. The application form is available on the Ministry of Economics’s e-services website. To apply for registration, you’ll require the documents mentioned above.

Submitting the Application

  1. An application for trademarks and necessary fees must be sent to the UAE Ministry of Economy through the portal for trademark registration. It is essential to ensure the information on the form is correct and complete to avoid delays or refusals.
  2. The cost for trademark registration for registration in the UAE is AED 6000, which excludes fees for professional services and other charges. It is possible to pay additional court fees or a translation fee.

Examination and Publication

  1. Following submission, the trademark office examines the application to ensure it meets the specifications. If the application complies with the criteria, it gets included in the gazette published by the UAE.

Opposition Period and Publication of the Trademark in the Official Gazette and 2 Local Newspapers

  1. After the trademark has been published, There is a predetermined time frame during which any interested party may contest the trademark’s registration. The process is moved to the next stage if there is no objection within the specified time-specific frame. If the trademark is approved, it must be published in two local newspapers. Trademarks must also be published in two local Arabic-language publications. Anyone opposed to the trademark’s use must file it within 30 days from the application’s approval date.

Registration and Certificate Issuance

  1. If there aren’t any objections, the trademark registration is concluded, and an official registration certificate is issued. This document serves as evidence of ownership. Legal protection for the trade registered trademark should include a registration number and the date of filing, the company’s name, the owner’s name trademark, and an inventory of the products or products that fall within the trademark.

The steps listed below are the six steps to apply for trademark registration. If your trademark has been registered, it’s valid for ten years. It can also be renewed for a further ten years upon the payment of fees. It is also important to note that this licensing procedure will only be used to secure the trademark within the UAE and not elsewhere around the globe. Trademarks are merely a subset of the larger Intellectual property rights class.

Cost of Trademark Registration in the UAE

The trademark registration fee within the UAE will be AED 6000. In addition to this figure, additional costs include professional fees and other charges unrelated to the trademark, such as court, bank, and translation costs.

Below are the kinds of charges involved in an application to register trademarks.

  • Application Fee: This fee is payable when applying for the trademark. The amount can vary based on the number of classes the trademark applies to.
  • Exam Charge: Once the application has been submitted, the trademark office reviews it to examine if the trademark complies with the specifications. An examination fee is paid for this procedure.
  • Price for Publication: If the trademark application passes the test, it will be released in the official Gazette of the UAE. A publication fee is needed for this process.
  • Cost of Registration: If no opposition is filed against the trademark after publication, the registration fee has to be paid to finish the registration procedure.

Renew Fees: The trademarks registered in the UAE are valid for ten years. After that, they can be renewed for another ten years by paying a renewal cost.

How to Renew a Trademark in the UAE

To renew your trademark within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), You must comply with the following steps:

  1. Find the renewal date: Find the renewal date for registering your trademark. In the UAE, trademark registrations are valid for ten years from the registration date or renewal date.
  2. Create the Renewal Application: Create an application to renew your trademark before the renewal date. The application typically needs the following details:
  • Trademark registration number
  • Applicant’s details
  • The trademark is represented as a representation.
  • Class(es) for which trademarks are registered
  • Power of Attorney
  1. Submit the renewal application: Send the completed renewal application form to the Minister of Economy’s Department of Intellectual Property. Be sure to include the documentation and payment of the renewal fee. Submitting your renewal application at least a month before the renewal date is advised to ensure that the application is processed promptly.
  2. Evaluation and processing Review and Processing: The Department of Intellectual Property will examine the renewal application and check the submitted information. If everything’s in order, the renewal can be processed, and trademark registration can be renewed for another ten years.
  3. Certificate of Renewal After the renewal has been approved, an e-certificate for renewal is issued by the Ministry of Economics Department of Intellectual Property. This certificate acts as proof of the renewal of the trademark registration.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in UAE

Registering a trademark can provide trademark owners numerous advantages in terms of usage and security. It creates a legitimate presumption of ownership, giving you the legal right to use your trademark concerning the products or services. If you choose to register the trademark you want to use, you can defend your brand and stop others from utilizing similar trademarks. Trademark registration has numerous advantages. These are just a few advantages:

  1. Legal Security: Registering your trademark protects you from counterfeiting and infringement. Additionally, it grants you the sole right to your mark within the UAE and prevents others from using it without consent.
  2. Asset FormationA trademark is an essential asset to you and your company. The value of any trademark is proportional to its status in the marketplace. Trademarks open the door to expansion across industries. Trademarks can be traded or purchased, registered, or used as collateral for an investment loan for your company.
  3. The recognition of a brand: An organization with a trademark can establish a stronger image in the market and thus increase its value as a brand. A registered trademark gives clients and potential customers an impression of trustworthiness and integrity in the business. The company’s brand image improves, and the company operates without any obstacles to registration that many companies need to be registered.
  4. The trademark is independent of business: A registered trademark enables an organization to reap the full benefits of its services and products and their popularity. The products are an intangible asset to which all the business’s worth and reputation are attributed. A trademark that is commonly used is tied to a product’s goodwill. A product not registered with a trademark will likely attain a different value level.
  5. Its Credibility to the Company Increases: Businesses that register their trademarks don’t just improve their brand’s image and brand but also ensure that their integrity remains intact throughout the years. As per this law, all the intellectual and emotional qualities preserved in the brand’s image and logo must remain distinctive and create a strong impression of credibility that encourages the person looking at it to distinguish the business as a whole. The client receives recognition, loyalty, and a sense of partnership, while the business benefits from the exclusive right to.
  6. It effectively communicates the brand’s image and image to prospective customers through the content it provides, positively impacting the perception of value for the brand and eventually increasing its popularity in the eyes of consumers.
  7. The right to utilize “Registered trademark in the name of the brand: The corporation can use the word registered and the symbol “(r)” after the trademark is registered. In addition, it will demonstrate that certain products and services are related to a single business. It is possible to alert someone about your rights using a symbol or word. A trademark has been registered in the official registry and can’t be used by a third party.
  8. Business Expansion A trademark that is registered may aid in expanding your business in a new market. It improves your reputation and credibility and makes establishing business connections and expanding your business easier.

There are numerous benefits of having a registered trademark for your company that is located in UAE. It’s also beneficial if you want to register your company in other countries or protect your brand internationally as your business grows.

How Long is a Trademark Valid in Dubai?

Trademarks registered in Dubai are valid for ten years starting from the date they were filed. The applicant must renew the trademark for another ten years. Additionally, this registration covers the trademark in the seven emirates in the UAE and not elsewhere around the globe.

Trademark Renewal in Dubai

Once the validity of a trademark registration has expired, you have three months after the expiration date to renew your registration. Each month you delay your trademark renewal in the UAE, you’ll have to pay AED 1000 as a penalty.

As a business owner, why should you register your trademark?

Theft is uncomfortable for anyone; you may feel violated and insecure for a short or long time afterward. If this has ever happened to you, you’ve most likely avoided a similar misfortune by being more vigilant about personal protection and securing adequate insurance coverage. On the other hand, theft of intellectual property is a form of theft that many people are unaware of.

Suppose you wish to shield your brand or innovations from exploitation. In that case, consider filing a trademark, which will then be extended to all of your products or trademarks, assuring that your ideas will be protected and that all legitimate income will be returned to you.

Are you looking to register your trademark in the UAE? Our expert Attorneys can advise you on the cost of trademark registration in UAE and assist you throughout the registration process. Drop us a line at or call us at +971 567021618. Alternatively, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are distinctive elements of a brand, such as logos, slogans, hallmarks, packaging, names, words, signatures, letters, figures, graphics, titles, seals, patterns, announcements, packs, or symbols that distinguish it from its competitors.

What can be registered as a Trademark in the UAE?

Signatures, titles, characters, seals, posters, engravings, names, paintings, and any label that distinguishes a brand from another can all be trademarked. According to Article 3 of Federal Law No. 37 of 1992, geographic names, banknotes, details of honorary degrees, and marks that could deceive the public or violate public order are not considered trademarkable.

Who can apply for Trademark Registration?

An individual or organization who desires to differentiate his/their products or services using a trademark should file for trademark registration in the UAE and in those jurisdictions where they want their products or services to be protected.

How can I register a trademark in the UAE?

To register a trademark in the UAE, you must first confirm that the trademark is not already in use. It can be done through a trademark search. Then, you must fill out the trademark application form, submit the required documents, and pay the trademark registration fee.

Who can register a trademark under Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks?

People of the United Arab Emirates, as well as natural and artificial persons engaged in any economic, technological, technical, or service sector; foreigners, as well as natural and artificial persons engaged in any economic, technological, technical, or service sector; foreigners, as well as natural and artificial persons engaged in any economic, technological, technical, or service sector in any other country based on reciprocity; and other artificial persons, are all eligible to register a trademark under the law.

Is trademark registration mandatory in the UAE?

No, trademark registration in the UAE is not mandatory. However, it will assist you in securing exclusive rights to operate and benefit under the registered trademark and protect the name from alleged infringers, giving you the power to take legal action in the event of an infringement.

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