How to Obtain a Mainland Trade License in Dubai 2023

Are you seeking a Mainland Trade license in Dubai for your business endeavours in 2023? Numerous crucial factors warrant your attention if you’re venturing into establishing or expanding a company in Dubai. Among these, choosing the right location is a pivotal decision.

Dubai, within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), boasts an array of advantages for businesses. Dubai is a prime destination with its business-friendly environment, robust economy, zero per cent personal and corporate taxes, and abundant opportunities. Recent relaxations in visa regulations further facilitate obtaining residency in the UAE.

The Definitive Guide To Obtain Dubai Mainland Trade License

Understanding Mainland Licensing in Dubai

A Mainland license in Dubai allows you to conduct business activities across the Dubai Emirate. Businesses under this license enjoy 100% foreign ownership and can be established as sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, or branches of foreign companies.

The Key Advantages of a Mainland Trade License

The benefits of holding a Mainland license in Dubai are numerous:

  1. Flexibility to operate business across Dubai and other emirates.
  2. Ability to sponsor employee and family residency visas.
  3. Leasing options for commercial or residential properties.
  4. Eligibility for government tender applications.

Steps to Acquiring a Mainland License in Dubai

Securing a Mainland license involves a series of steps:

  1. Choose your business activity.
  2. Select the appropriate legal structure.
  3. Reserve your company name.
  4. Apply for primary approval.
  5. Obtain external approvals.
  6. Complete documentation and paperwork.
  7. Secure a physical space and acquire EJARI.

Documents Required for a Mainland License

Essential documents include:

  • Passport copy
  • Entry stamp or Visa page copy
  • Passport-sized photo

Understanding Mainland License Costs

The cost of a Mainland license varies based on the business type and the chosen area in Dubai. Fees typically range from AED 20,000 to AED 180,000 per annum. These figures are approximate and serve as examples only. Establishing a brick-and-mortar company incurs different expenses than a Flexi desk setup. Costs encompass office rent, utilities, staff salaries, visa expenses, insurance, etc. For detailed insights into costs, consulting with experts in business setup can be beneficial.

Why Choose an Effective Desk for Your Mainland License in Dubai?

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Steps Involved in Obtaining Your Mainland License:

  • Select a fitting business name and legal framework adhering to regulatory terms.
  • Determine all business activities under the trade license.
  • Apply for initial approval and secure external permissions if necessary.
  • Compile necessary documents, including the Memorandum of Association and government-authority-sanctioned papers.
  • Choose a business location and finalize a tenancy agreement attested by EJARI.
  • Submit the application to the DED for the final license issuance by paying the requisite fees.

Companies must present original documents to the commercial registry for a valid trade license in Dubai Mainland. Stay updated on Mainland license-related updates in Dubai by following Effective Desk!


FAQ 1: Can a foreigner own a business in Dubai Mainland?

Yes, with the appropriate legal structure, foreigners can fully own a company in Dubai Mainland. Choose between setting up as a sole proprietorship, civil company, or LLC, depending on your business activity.

FAQ 2: How long does obtaining a Dubai mainland trade license take?

The timeframe can vary based on factors such as business activity and approvals. On average, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for a successful company formation in Dubai mainland.

FAQ 3: Can I operate my business anywhere in Dubai mainland with a Mainland Trade License?

Absolutely! A Dubai mainland trade license allows you to operate your business anywhere within the emirate, giving you flexibility and accessibility.

FAQ 4: What is the role of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the process?

The DED is a critical player in issuing Dubai mainland trade licenses. It oversees the registration and licensing of businesses, ensuring they comply with the emirate’s regulations for a smooth Dubai mainland license process.

FAQ 5: Are there restrictions on hiring foreign employees with a Mainland Trade License?

No, you have the flexibility to hire both local and foreign employees based on your business needs. However, compliance with employment laws and visa regulations is crucial for general trading licenses in Dubai mainland.

FAQ 6: After obtaining a Dubai mainland trade license, can I change my business activity?

Yes, modifying your business activity after obtaining a trade license is possible. Still, the process involves specific steps and approvals from the relevant authorities for a successful Dubai mainland general trading license.

FAQ 7: What is the significance of the Ejari registration process?

Ejari is the system for registering rental contracts in Dubai mainland. It is a prerequisite for obtaining or renewing your Dubai mainland trade license, emphasizing the importance of a legal business address.

FAQ 8: Is it mandatory to have a physical office space for a Mainland Trade License?

Yes, physical office space in Dubai mainland is a requirement for obtaining a Mainland Trade License. It is essential for establishing a credible and legitimate business presence for an efficient Dubai mainland company formation cost.

FAQ 9: Can I operate multiple business activities under one Mainland Trade License?

Yes, depending on your license type, you may have the flexibility to engage in multiple business activities under a single Dubai mainland trade license, streamlining your operations.

FAQ 10: What is the role of a local sponsor in obtaining a Dubai mainland trade license?

A local sponsor is a UAE national required for specific legal structures. They act as partners or shareholders in your business, facilitating obtaining a Dubai mainland trade license.

Bottom Line: Charting Your Course to Success

Congratulations! You’ve now navigated the intricacies of obtaining a Dubai mainland trade license. As you embark on this exciting business venture, remember that staying informed and compliant is the key to sustained success in the dynamic market of Dubai mainland. May your entrepreneurial journey be as vibrant and prosperous as the city itself!

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