Why Starting A Business In Abu Dhabi Is A Good Idea

The UAE capital has established itself as one of the top centers for commercial activity across the Middle East. There are numerous advantages to setting up a business in Abu Dhabi. In this article, we will discuss several of the most important points to take into consideration and the benefits of establishing a business in Abu Dhabi.

Areas that are popular for setting up your business in Abu Dhabi

Why Starting A Business In Abu Dhabi Is A Good Idea

Here are a few areas you might think about opening your company in:

Al Ain

The area is not only lush with greenery everywhere. It is in the home of the world’s longest-running dairy business, Al Ain Farms, which was established more than four years ago. Other big business names that are based within Al Ain include Meaco Group and Jenaan Investments, among others.

In addition to dairy products, Al Ain is highly conducive to agricultural activities, including fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as poultry.

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

ADGM has been designated as an international finance center that is governed by its own English Common Law, allowing companies to work according to international standards. It also facilitates easier money transactions for companies operating internationally.

ADGM comprises three separate authorities, which include registration, courts, and financial, and promotes an economic and business-friendly environment.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)

Kizad has large spaces that are suitable for logistics and real estate industries. It is also well-known for its free zones and solutions to the problem of land. Although, notably, companies operating in free zones within the UAE can only trade within the state they’re located in, kid entrepreneurs can apply for another license. This dual-license is used to obtain an office in mainland China and residency visas, as well as to trade throughout the UAE.

Masdar City

A joint venture with Mubadala Investment Company, Masdar City is a no-cost zone that is devoted to increasing sustainable urban development. It will as well as supporting the UAE’s transition towards an economy based on knowledge.

It is also the regional hub for commercial projects focused on renewable energies. It attracts investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in the latest technology.

Current business activity

One of the major benefits of businesses establishing their operations one of the main advantages to business setup Abu Dhabi is that the city offers a favorable business environment for certain sectors such as —

  • Production and distribution of tools for the oil and gas industry: Production of valves and fittings, pump tanks, turbines, and compressors, among others.
  • Supply of gas and oil, as well as distribution companies that are involved in the selling and buying of natural resources
  • Supporting logistical needs in the field of gas and oil businesses that help move the oil and gas industry forward.
  • The marine sector: The Abu Dhabi ports are a great place for companies that produce products used in industries like marine. In addition, their business will run smoothly because of their proximity to other GGC nations, and they will reap the advantages of offshore facilities.

What is the reason for Abu Dhabi?

The city is experiencing rapid growth in industries like transportation, manufacturing, tourism, healthcare, and transport. Here are some of the highlights:

Long-term gain at affordable costs

Renewals of trade licenses annually can be an expensive affair. However, starting a business in Abu Dhabi is not just as inexpensive as creating a company in Dubai; it’s also a sustainable option. Why? This is because licenses for trade last for two years. Entrepreneurs can concentrate on achieving their goals in business instead of worrying about the work required for renewals.

Life’s quality

Abu Dhabi has been voted “the most living city in the region” by the Global Living Index 2021. The city has an urban lifestyle but also the peace that families love. Because the city is where expats come from all over the globe, inhabitants can take advantage of many different attractions that include international cuisine and entertainment.

The benefits of Abu Dhabi business with ADNOC

For investors in oil and gas who are interested in joining the Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADNOC), it is the ideal way to start an enterprise within Abu Dhabi. In many instances, it is also mandatory to have a permit issued by this agency’s Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC). The SPC is the most powerful energy decision-making body and is a crucial one for all businesses that carry out petroleum and gas-related activities. These include the delivery and distribution of gas and oil both to and away from ADNOC, the production of equipment to aid in the industry, and logistical assistance, among others. In addition, any other business, whether an eatery or a grocery shop, that falls within the ADNOC’s area of jurisdiction must obtain approval from SPC.

Companies operating in Abu Dhabi’s gas and oil business are expected to profit from ADNOC’s constant increase in the volume of business it brings through its various government collaborations.

Get started

For more information on the advantages of establishing your business within Abu Dhabi, get in contact with Effective Desk Business Setup. A no-cost consult with one of our business formation specialists will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the appropriate legal framework and corporate structure, the costs associated, the documentation needed, and other legal requirements to follow when creating an enterprise with us in Abu Dhabi.

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