Professional License In Dubai: Your Complete Guide

Dubai is a city that offers many opportunities to professionals and entrepreneurs. A professional license is essential to making your mark in Dubai. This guide will explain what a professional license is, how to get one, and the types and costs.

Professional License In Dubai

A Professional License in Dubai

In Dubai, a professional license is a document that allows individuals or businesses to carry out specific professional activities in the Emirate. The license is required for many professions, ranging from business consultants to medical practitioners.

UAE Professional License

A professional license in Dubai is often included under the UAE professional license. It is an important thing to know. It means that your license will be recognized and accepted not only in Dubai but also across the United Arab Emirates.

Obtain a license for professional services in Dubai

Some professionals require Professional Service Licenses. These licenses allow for specific activities such as legal consulting, healthcare or engineering services. This type of license can have different requirements.

DED Professional License Cost

The cost of obtaining professional licensing is a major concern for many professionals. The total cost is made up of several components.

Government Fees

– Dubai Department of Economic Development fees

– Licensing Fees based on Type of Business Activity

Administrative Expenses

– Fees for a company name reservation and approval

Costs of notarizing and drafting legal documents

Charges Related to Other Charges

– Charges for Trade Name Registration

Any additional costs that are specific to your profession

You should budget for your profession based on the fees you will be charged.

How to Get a Professional License

A series of steps are required to obtain a professional license. It is a general overview.

  1. Define Your Business Activity. Clearly describe your business. Make sure that your classifications are in line with those of the licensing authority.
  2. Select a Business Structure: Depending on your requirements, choose the right business structure.
  3. Select a Tradename: Pick a name that is unique and appropriate for your business. Make sure it follows Dubai’s naming standards.
  4. Draft legal documents: Preparation of necessary legal documents, including the Memorandum of Association and other contracts
  5. Reserve your Trade Name: Submit the trade name you have chosen for approval and reserve it at the DED.
  6. Request Initial Approval. You can request an initial approval certificate (certificate) from DED to confirm your eligibility for the business activity you intend to carry out.
  7. Rent office space: Make sure you have an actual office in Dubai, as required by licensing authorities.
  8. Submit License Applications: Send your completed license applications to the DED along with all relevant documents.
  9. Payment: Paying the fees required to obtain a professional license.
  10. Issuance of License: After your application has been approved, you will receive your professional license.


Dubai Department of Economic Development is responsible for the majority of professional licenses in Dubai. They are responsible for setting the rules, processing applications and issuing licenses. You must follow their guidelines during the entire licensing process.

Dubai Professional License

Dubai’s professional license is more than just a document. It opens up a whole world of possibilities in this vibrant city. A professional license is a great way to achieve success, whether you are a healthcare practitioner or consultant.

A professional license is an important milestone for businesses and individuals who want to prosper in Dubai’s dynamic economy. Understanding the licensing process, the costs and the types of licenses is crucial for professional success in the Emirates.

Professional License Desk Business Setup Consultation

It is important to remember that each profession has its unique requirements. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough research on the subject and seek guidance from local authorities. Your professional dreams can be a reality in Dubai if you take the right approach.

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