What is the procedure for obtaining an industrial license in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai is a nation that has one of the most rare attractions and awe. It boasts an innovative outlook and a solid foundation for exceptional economic development. It is the Emirate that Dubai was always supportive of expansion brought about by foreign companies and entrepreneurs operating in their country. The free zones created to encourage this growth are the most prominent instance. The perspective towards Dubai and its openness to new ideas have made it an excellent destination for tourism and business compared to other Arab countries. Dubai’s rapid growth has attracted many foreign businesspeople to start their operations there, and the need for a permit to conduct business has increased.

Four types of licenses are available in Dubai:

What is the procedure for obtaining an industrial license in Dubai, UAE?

How does a Dubai Industrial License work?

A license for industrial operations is a form of authorization from the authorities responsible for regulation in Dubai that is granted to foreign companies or entrepreneurs registered in the UAE to conduct their industrial operations. Manufacturing, processing, and other activities require an industrial license to operate in Dubai. Industrial licenses also permit businesses or individuals to transform material resources, natural and other raw substances into goods and then sell them in Dubai or elsewhere.

Is it possible to get an industrial license in Dubai?

With the Dubai industry license, you can begin a business that imports raw materials, manufactures, assembles, packs, and markets the entire product. Here are a few industries that can be started as an enterprise in Dubai:

  • Textile manufacturing
  • Fabric Manufacturing
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Metal Extraction and Casting
  • Foodstuff Production

The Department of Economic Development, Dubai, grants industrial operations licenses. This license is required if an individual wishes to set up an enterprise within mainland Dubai. If an entrepreneur wishes to establish his business within the free zone, permits must be obtained from the relevant zonal authority. The company must be certified by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and entrepreneurs also need to seek approval from the Dubai Municipality.

If the business’s activity is manufacturing particular products, it may require an exclusive or special permit to start a business in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development, or DED, will grant grants and assistance.

  • If the company produces national utility goods, it is also feasible to export from Dubai.
  • If the business is established in an area that needs industrial development
  • They are local if the company uses local raw materials in the manufacturing process.

An industrial license offers many advantages

The benefits of establishing your business in Dubai :

  • Corporate tax rates are attractive, as are the tax rates of zero percent.
  • Modern infrastructure and machines
  • Exemption from tariffs on exports and imports
  • Legal protection with the assistance of a judge
  • You will be able to attract more investors and customers.
  • The company may be incorporated with 100 percent ownership based on recent developments. It will allow the owners to have more transparency in their business activities.

Requirements for Obtaining an Industrial License in Dubai

  • The UAE visa is a required necessity for business. The application may be submitted together with the business license application.
  • The person or business owner interested in establishing a new venture may be physically located in Dubai, or there is the option of doing similar things online, but this comes with difficulties and restrictions on a few specific requirements.
  • The business registered in UAE must have a local industry license.
  • The company must have a physical warehouse located in Dubai.

Documents to Obtain an Industrial License in Dubai

  • Company’s Registration Document
  • Shareholder’s Passport Copy
  • Local sponsor’s identity card’s replica
  • A Blueprint for the factory’s blueprints
  • The Memorandum of Association of the Company
  • The model for the business of the factory
  • The motivation and the reason behind opening the factory
  • Evidence of financial support
  • The lease agreement for land on the site that has been approved or the location of the business
  • Plan of business location

Approvals are required for an Industrial License.

  • Acceptance from Dubai Municipality Planning Department
  • The approval of the Dubai Civil Defense
  • The support of the Electricity and Water Authority
  • A unique authorization issued by the Dubai Health Ministry( any associated medical field that is related to the industry)
  • Permits issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environmental
  • Approval from the UAE Ministry of Interior

A guide to obtaining an industrial license

The procedure for getting an industrial license works like this:

  • First, you must choose where you’d like to start your company. Entrepreneurs can choose the main island of Dubai or one of the free zones provided by the regulatory body.
  • Second, the entrepreneur needs to change the form of ownership through which the business is built. The business owner can choose sole proprietorship if the company isn’t a part of the crucial sector in the UAE.
  • Following this, you’ll receive the first approval to apply for an industrial permit.
  • After receiving the required external approvals, an entrepreneur can complete the final step, namely, the payment to purchase the license.

Dubai is a global city with an international image and a set of ideologies and is among the countries with the highest acceptance for the development of entrepreneurs. To Obtain an industry license within Dubai, Effective Desk provides many opportunities. They are leaders in high-tech manufacturing and industrial research and can offer more options for investors and industries to expand their business. Dubai’s business-friendly and thriving ecosystem draws investors and allows it to grow industries sustainably.

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