Company Formation In Dubai Outsource City

Dubai, known for its thriving business landscape, has established itself as a global hub for entrepreneurs seeking growth and prosperity. Effective Desk is your trusted partner in this endeavour if you’re eyeing the Dubai Outsource City for your company formation or business setup. We will walk you through the ins and outs of Dubai Outsource City company formation and business setup, ensuring your successful journey is smooth and rewarding.

Why Dubai Outsource City?

Dubai Outsource City Dubai, a specialized business park, offers a strategic location for companies in the outsourcing, shared services, and business process outsourcing sectors. The city’s infrastructure, tax benefits, and investor-friendly policies make it a prime destination for entrepreneurs looking to establish a presence in the outsourcing industry.

Dubai Outsource City Company Formation:

Legal Structure:

Selecting the right legal structure is crucial when setting up your business in Dubai Outsource City. Options include a Free Zone Company (FZCO), a Free Zone Establishment (FZE), and a Branch of an Existing Company. Effective Desk can guide you in choosing the structure that aligns with your business goals and requirements.


Prepare the necessary documents, such as your business plan, passport copies, visa application, etc. Effective Desk can assist you in meticulously preparing these documents to ensure a smooth process.

License Application:

You will need to obtain the appropriate license for your business activity. Effective Desk’s expertise will expedite the application process and ensure compliance with regulations.

Office Space:

Dubai Outsource City offers a range of office solutions, from flexi-desks to dedicated office spaces. Effective Desk will help you choose the right space that meets your needs and budget.

Visa Processing:

Facilitate the visa processing for your employees and dependents through Effective Desk’s comprehensive visa services.

How To Setup Business In Dubai Outsource City:

Market Research:

Effective Desk offers market research services to help you understand the competitive landscape and potential opportunities in Dubai Outsource City.

Business Plan Development:

Our experts can assist you in crafting a solid business plan that aligns with your goals and is attractive to potential investors.

Company Registration:

Register your business efficiently with our expert guidance, ensuring you adhere to all legal requirements.

Bank Account Setup:

Effective Desk can help you open a corporate bank account to facilitate your financial transactions seamlessly.

Corporate Services:

We provide corporate services, including accounting, auditing, and compliance, to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Dubai Outsource City is your gateway to a thriving business environment, and Effective Desk is your partner in turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. With our expertise in Dubai Outsource City company formation and business setup, your journey to success will be seamless, efficient, and cost-effective. Contact us today to start your business journey in one of the world’s most dynamic destinations. Dubai Outsourcing City is waiting to embrace your innovative ideas and ambitious projects – make them a reality today!