Company Formation in AL Qusais

  • Setting up a business in Al Qusais, Dubai, offers a gateway to a culturally rich and strategically located district. Al Qusais, nestled between Al Nahda and Al Twar, boasts historical significance and a thriving commercial landscape. The region embraces a blend of residential areas and bustling commercial hubs, making it an enticing prospect for entrepreneurs seeking a strategic foothold in Dubai.

Let us help you find the ideal agency for establishing your business in Al Qusais.

Are you planning to start a business in the UAE? 

Here, we’ll briefly overview the benefits of launching your company in the UAE. Besides the flexible business setup in any Emirate of the UAE, there are several advantages, such as the opportunity for numerous visas and a wide range of business activities available for licensing, all with a minimal business or personal tax of only 5%, which is significantly lower compared to other locations.

The initial step involves obtaining approval from the Department of Economic Development and registering the trade name. It can be done either online or by visiting their office. Subsequently, based on the business activities, additional approvals are required, and this process can be facilitated by the agencies listed above that provide business setup services.

I wondered where to begin when considering starting a business in Al Qusais.

Starting a business requires capital investment for license fees and employee visas. The cost varies depending on the nature and category of the business—industrial, commercial, or service-oriented activities. The minimum required capital for a Private Joint Stock Company (PrJSC) is around 30 million, with at least 5 million to be paid upfront. The initial capital requirement isn’t specified for other types of business activities. Foreign companies aiming to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the UAE need guidance on the current practices of the relevant emirate regarding minimum share capital.

Do you need a partnership with a UAE Citizen to start your business here?

The nationality of partners is a crucial factor in determining the types of businesses that can be set up in the UAE. Joint liability companies, limited partnership companies, sole proprietorships for industrial or commercial purposes, and home-based businesses can only be established by UAE nationals. Individuals of other nationalities can initiate other types of businesses but need to involve UAE nationals as sponsors. A partner with at least 51% ownership or a local service agent with 100% ownership must be involved. LLCs, Public Joint Stock Companies, PrJSCs, and civil companies with engineering activities require a UAE national partner. A local service agent (LSA) is a UAE national who assists a foreigner in licensing requirements and other government-related matters for an annual fee. Foreign companies can establish themselves after obtaining a certified letter from the parent company and receiving approval from the UAE’s Ministry of Economy.

What about setting up a company in a Free zone?

Free trade zones in the UAE offer reduced or special taxes to encourage economic activity. Setting up a business in a free zone comes with numerous benefits, including 100% tax exemptions on import/export activities, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, no corporate or personal income tax, and simplified startup and licensing procedures. Starting a business in a free zone doesn’t require partnering with UAE nationals; minimal time and paperwork are involved. Business activities such as financial, educational, retail, hospitality, and media can be registered in a free zone.

What options do I have for registering a company in Al Qusais through business service agencies?

Registering a company in the UAE offers multiple options: mainland company setup, free zone company or business setup, and limited liability company (LLC) formation. While company formation used to be straightforward, the process has become more complex. The agencies listed above are leaders in company formation in the UAE. They provide comprehensive support, from finding office spaces to processing employee visas, document approvals, and meeting business activity requirements. The cost of company formation in the UAE varies based on the nature of the business. The process typically begins with initial approval from the economic department, involving a one-time fee of AED 20. It is followed by trade license and trade name application fees, approximately AED 750 each. Charges for contract typing and notary fees apply. Documents required for initiating an LLC include a tenancy contract, DEWA bill, passport, and photographs, along with the location map of the business establishment. Company formation approval usually takes three to five working days.

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